Q: Is this for beginners? 

A: Absolutely!! This is an amazing course for all levels. I had beginner level, intermediate level, and advanced level photographers test this course before releasing and they all said it was incredible and they each took a way more than they could have even expected. It would especially be amazing for more beginning/intermediate level photographers because it’s going to set you on the right path! And this course has so much information that you can keep coming back to it over and over to continue growing and learning. 

For more advanced photographers this is going to give you fresh perspective and inspiration, and give you ways to push and grow even more! Us more seasoned photographers know that we can always learn more! Plus we tend to fall into auto-pilot and sometimes we need rejuvenated! This course can do just that!

Q: Are there payment plan options? 

A: Yes for the All-In Bundle! (The Editing Only portion does not have a payment plan option, as well as any sales that are run will not have payment plan options)

The All-In Bundle can be set up with two payment plan options:

1) A 3 month payment plan of monthly $400 payments. Once the last payment is made you will be given access to the course. You can pay it off early to receive the course sooner. You can also adjust your payment amount and frequency by requesting via email after you've made the first initial $400 payment.

2) a bi-weekly payment plan through Afterpay (four payments of $300). With this option you get immediate access to the course.

Q: If I don’t purchase the bundle right away and purchase the editing section only, can I still upgrade to the bundle later? 

A: Yes!!! There is an option at the end of any a la carte section you are enrolled in where you can upgrade to the full course!

Q: How can I personalize this course? 

A: Once you’re in the Facebook Group there will be opportunities each month where you can sign up for a 1:1 recorded editing Zoom call where we can edit your photos together! We can even make you some customized presets during our time together. You can also sign up for 1:1’s where we’ll look at your portfolio together and I’ll give you and in-depth review of that and what all you need to work on most. These 1:1’s can basically cover anything you’d need! 

Q: Do I get lifetime access to the course?

A: Yes! Now, per the contract I do retain the right to pull the course at anytime, but you will be given notice. I don’t anticipate this happening, but as with any business I use my contract to protect me from unforeseen/unexpected circumstances. 

Q: Is there a fee for being in the Facebook group? 

A: No :) But you do have to be in the group do have access to additional presets and learning material/tools I release, and to book 1:1’s. 

Q: How do I chose between this, a 1:1 Mentorship, or a retreat/workshop? 

A: This is such a personal answer because it depends on what you’re wanting and each of those holds so much value!! This course will have more information than could be covered in a 1:1 or in most retreat/workshops because of how much content, and the type of content, I can put in the course. It’s meant to be something you can take your time going through and come back to the info whenever you need to! And it includes BTS of me shooting so you can be basically a fly on the wall watching and hearing me doing my thing!

A 1:1 Mentorship is going to have the personalized aspect to it obviously, and will address whatever it is you need at that time. The advantage to this course is it covers things you need now, and things you will need and want later. 

A retreat/workshop will go over a blanket of material the teachers feel will best suit those attending. Sometimes there is 1:1 time given at retreats/mentorships, but time is usually pretty limited. At these you will get to be there at the actual sessions with the instructors, and most importantly you will meet people and build community (and typically at some epic place!). So retreats/workshops offer a whole experience as far as connection and community!

Q: I don’t know how I would have time to go through something like this, do I have to read all the material or is there a way to listen? 

A: Oh this is something I was so excited to provide! In almost all the lectures they are both typed out for you to read, and also you can listen!! 

Q: If I want to eventually teach or am teaching can I take this course?

A: Yes! I don't want to be the reason someone can’t teach or continue to learn. I do have it in my contract though that you cannot create a photography education course within 1 year of purchasing this course. If you are currently a teacher I think it’s great you are continuing to learn! I ask that whether you are a teacher, or plan to be, that you carefully read the contract. There is a link at the top of this site.

Q: Do you have any examples of the editing styles that will be gone over in the course.

A: Of course! You can go to my regular website here to view some before and afters to give you an idea! But the editing content in this course will go over how to create those and also many different styles!

Q: Am I signing a contract agreement by purchasing this course?

A: Yes! By purchasing you are agreeing to the contract agreement which can be found here.

If you have any other questions please reach out at [email protected]